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The Harlan County Sheriff's Office is located in downtown Harlan at 210 E Central Street. Sheriff Smith wants everyone to know that as Sheriff, he feels it is his duty to always keep his door open.


We encourage you to come talk to Sheriff Smith or one of our deputies about any problem you may be having in your community.The Harlan County Sheriff's Office encourages community involvement so that our commitment to detecting and investigating all criminal activity will continue to be performed to the best of our ability.

Without the help and support of our residents, our job would become increasingly more difficult. We appreciate and welcome the assistance of the citizens of Harlan County and we are excited about the goals we can achieve together.


The Harlan county Sheriff's department is dedicated to providing security, justice and emergency aid to the residents of Harlan county. We are honored to serve such an amazing and beautiful county. Please feel free to contact the HCSD at anytime via telephone, using the contact form on our website or by dropping by our office. 


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